A Fury
Allison Cutler
Allison Cutler and her portrait
Andrew Ritchie and his portrait
Ann Farrar Pozzy
Barbara Goldsmith
Carmel Wilson
Charles P. Curtis
Devon Meade
Dorothy Kidder
Draped Torso Looking Left
Draped Torso Seated
Frederick C. Redlich, M.D.
Harvey Cushing, M.D.
Head (1966)
Head and Shoulders Looking Left
Head and Shoulders Looking Right (1967)
Head with Long Hair (1967)
Heidi Kuntz and her portrait
Heidi Kuntz (Mary Ames Kuntz)
Henry Allen Moe
John Jay Pierrepont
Lily Carlson Schulte
Maquettes for Draped Figure Walking and Draped Figure with Arm
Marjorie Reed
Marjorie Reed at the November 7, 1965, opening of the show at th
Mary Ellin Barrett
Mask with One Eye and Curl
Micheline Jacobs
November 22, 1963
Nude Crying
Nude, Fingers Together
Nude, Fingers Together
Nude, Foot on Pedestal
Nude, Hands Behind Head
Nude, Hands Clasped
Nude, Hands on Hips
Nude, Hands on Hips and Nude, Foot on Pedestal
Nude Kneeling, Hand on Hip
Nude Leaning on Ladder
Nude Pointing Down
Nude Seated
Nude Striding
Nude Turning Left
Nude Turning Left
Sally Iselin and her father, Charles P. Curtis
Sally Iselin with portrait of Dorothea Straus
Shirley Leonard and her portrait
Thayer Memorial, St. Mark’s School, Southborough, MA (1966)
Torso Bending Right
Torso with Head
Torso with Head
Torso with Head and Pony Tail
Virginia Thorndike
Woman Looking Back
Woman Looking Right
Woman on Step
Woman with Arms Crossed (1963)